Today, the truth

Warning: incest

I was raped. I know I was.

I was a small child, and some one raped me.

I’ve had too many symptoms throughout my whole life. Emotional flashbacks, body flashbacks, images in my dreams.

Someone raped me. That’s just how it fucking is.


How much anger am I supposed to feel? I don’t even go there. I don’t have the energy, it would be pointless. I could set the world on fire and it would still not be enough.


I remember one of my abusers, asking me several times throughout my teenage years, “Did someone molest you when you where younger?”. You piece of shit. Did you know? Did you ever suspect anything? Or did you just decide to ignore it, because you didn’t care enough to do something about it?

The rest of my “family”… I wish hell existed, so you could burn in it forever.



Today, I can start to heal.
I am not going to let this end me. I will be happy and free from all of you.