Sexism causes pain

Why does anybody talk about the emotional toll that sexism has?

I can’t even put it into words. There’s nothing more exhausting than living in a world that was built against you.

Besides from earning less, having less opportunities, having more responsibilities in our homes, having other people make decisions about our bodies, and even living with the possibility that you could get raped and killed any day. ¬†That’s horrible.

But is there anything more heart breaking than the fact that your partner is your bigger threat? That the number one person who will possibly harm us is our boyfriend, husband, father of our children.

And even putting that aside, and assuming your partner won’t harm you, he will still view you as less. Every man in this planet will do that, because that’s just the culture that we live in. We can all get rid of out bigoted beliefs, but only to an extent.

You partner, one of the people you love and trust the most, will view you and therefore treat you as less because you’re a woman.

And you can’t change that, no one can change that.

This is assuming you have¬†a partner, i.e. you’ve found a man who is decent enough to be with you and love you. Which is probably 1 in 1,000.

That’s the mindset that we have, since we are little girls: man are trash to us, try to find one that is a little less mean than the rest. We don’t date men who we like, we date man who are “nice enough”.

But they’ll never be enough. They’ll never be nice enough, or loving enough, of honest enough. And they’ll always think we are less than them.

But maybe he won’t hit you, right? And maybe you won’t get raped when you go out to buy groceries.

Those are the things we have to settle, as women.


Why is no one talking about how depressing this is?

Sexism hurts us and, if we would be aware of it, we would feel the pain it causes every single day.