A visible disability

I’m disabled. I’ve been mentally ill for more than ten years. I had to drop out of collage. I can barely work, or talk to people, or function.

I’m clearly disabled but I’m seeing this now, for the first time. It wasn’t my fault, it’s not my fault I can’t function like a “normal” person.

It’s not my fault. I’m doing what I can.

I need treatment, and medication, and support. I need my abusive family to understand that I’m mentally ill, that I’m not doing it on purpose.


I mean, how cruel is that? When I was loosing my mind as a child, not only they didn’t offer me help, but they blamed me.

They said I was abusing them.


I’m gonna try to talk to them, and make them understand that I’m ill and that I’m doing what I can. I don’t want to do it, cause I know it’s going to be a fucking nightmare, but I have to. I can’t work, I don’t have any money.

I hope they listen.